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Our mission is to provide you with a permanent color process that is naturally based, non-toxic, and most importantly, 100% ammonia-free. We want you to have gorgeous, shiny hair in less time than traditional ammonia-based products, and with less damage to your hair.

Our Story Starts With Susan Henry


Susan Henry is one of Beverly Hills’ and Hollywood’s top colorists whose client list reads like a “who’s who of Hollywood.” But a number of years ago, that almost all came to an end. Susan began experiencing symptoms of ammonia poisoning as a result of daily exposure to ammonia-based hair color. Unwilling to give up the profession she loved and the sole means of support for her family, Susan continued to work despite debilitating rashes, eye infections, upper respiratory infections, and chronic bronchitis. Eventually she had to cut her client list from 500 to 50 select VIPs. She could only color her clients’ hair outdoors and while wearing a mask. As a single mother with ailing health, life became a struggle.

A Turning point & A walk in the woods

Around this time, Susan visited her daughter who was studying botany at Humboldt State. Her daughter took her on a tour of the nearby redwoods forest, and Susan was immediately inspired by the natural surroundings and her daughter’s new-found botanical knowledge. When Susan returned home she began experimenting with herbs and natural ingredients. After many long nights doing research at the library, and countless experiments in her kitchen sink, Susan developed her all-natural, 100% ammonia free, permanent color process.

Since developing her Natural Color Process, Susan’s health has improved immensely, she has opened her own salon, rebuilt her client list and won over scores of celebrities with her ammonia-free color.


Susan Henry’s Natural Color Process offers you salon worthy results and performance without going to the salon! So frequently requested was Susan's formula that we develop a complete color range of shades that you can enjoy at home: Light Blonde, Golden Blonde, Copper Red, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black. Each purchase comes with a developer, application gloves and hair cap.
Since using Susan Henry's hair color, my hair is so soft now, and manageable, and easy to work with.
Here’s another super green plus, you can experiment with these colors over and over without fear of damaging your hair or your health! Instead of drying out your hair as most boxed at home colors do, Susan Henry’s Natural Color Process leaves hair soft, silky and shiny.
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