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Natural Color Process Testimonial - Fran B.

Fran B.

Restaurateur, The Farm of Beverly Hills:
“Since using Susan Henry’s hair color, my hair is so soft now, and manageable, and easy to work with.”
Natural Color Process Testimonial - Laura Robbins

Laura Robbins

“I’ve used Susan’s haircolor in one day, 5 different times to go 5 different colors and I would never in a million years think of doing that with a salon mix or a drugstore mix.”
Natural Color Process Testimonial - Courtney Green

Courtney Green

Attorney & New Mom:
“If I could get permanent hair color without ammonia and toxins I would do it in a minute.”
Natural Color Process Testimonial - Katari Walker

Katari Walker

“I use and believe in Susan’s product. The first time I used Susan’s product I felt the difference in my hair, the way it looked and the richness of the color.”


Consumer “Having healthy shiny looking hair really brings out your inner self, your inner beauty, and just compliments it all around. I can’t believe I did my color myself, I thought I had to go to a…


Personal Trainer: “I’m so happy I can make my hair blond, and my hair is strong and healthy.”


Actress: “My hair has never looked so beautiful and felt so great and has a natural shine and bounce and movement.”


Consumer “If you want healthy hair and are concerned about your own personal health these are the products for you.”